West Marin Community Services

Helping WMCS help their community thrive.

June 7, 2015

what i did

  • design
  • development


  • content management system
  • Craft CMS

West Marin is one of the most beautiful areas in Northern California. I dream of living there someday. There’s a perfect stretch of road, lined with redwoods, bordered by Nicasio Creek, with a few rustic houses tucked away…another time, perhaps.

Little did I know that many in this area are low income, elderly, disabled or otherwise need assistance. To counter this need, WMCS provides a central hub of services to support West Marin residents.

With all the good WMCS does in the community, their old website wasn’t really up to the task of letting folks know how they can help their neighbors or benefit from WMCS’s many programs. I happily stepped in to provide WMCS with a fresh, user-friendly website that is warm, optimistic and serves as a rich online resource for their community.