Marin Community FoundationMCF: Buck Trust Strategic Refinement

Equity of opportunity for every Marin resident.

November 4, 2014

what i did

  • design
  • development


  • creative direction Vikki Garrod
    VP, Marketing & Communications


  • novel UI
  • horizontal scroll

Focusing on education, health, environment and employment through detailed strategic initiatives, MCF’s Buck Trust seeks to help those in need in Marin — immigrants, low-income families and older adults. Their goal is to ensure that everyone in Marin has the opportunity to live, learn and grow through a diverse range of programs and services.

The goal of this microsite is to present the analysis leading up to the plan, and the plan itself, in a visually engaging and colorful format that invites the community, nonprofits and funders to explore the research, results and strategies in detail.

With bold color, striking photography and a dash of interactive shimmer, the microsite is a visual wonder and was a fun challenge to execute.