Glass Hand Studio

A rockin’ glass blowing studio in Alameda.

November 25, 2012

what i did

  • design
  • development
  • identity
  • content

My husband Prax quit his day job in 2012 to open his own public access glass blowing studio. Knowing Prax like I do, I knew he’d really go for this tiki-punk-inspired, lo-fi identity, which I sketched out and surprised him with one afternoon. I texted him a quick comp and his response was, simply, “Wow!” From there we collaborated on his simple website and I continue pitch in on all marketing-related efforts for his growing business.

Prax is an excellent teacher and the studio is filled with a great array of equipment, much of it built by hand. If you’re ever in Alameda, drop on by and sign up for a class. Or, if you’re a more experienced glass blower, book some time in the shop.