Dogs Held Dearly

Hand blown glass urns for your dear one.

February 19, 2008

what i did

  • design
  • development
  • identity


  • workflow application
  • content management system

After glass artist Sydnie Nishiyama lost her dog Dusty in 2003, she commissioned a glass urn from a fellow glass artist, which became a precious keepsake and memorial to her furry friend. She then began creating her own line of glass urns for others to memorialize their pets and hold their cherished remains. A compassionate person and a devoted animal-lover, Sydnie found peace and fulfillment in sharing her art with others during their time of need in coping with the loss of a dear pet.

Being animal lovers ourselves (perhaps you’ve heard our office mascot, Merle, meowing in the background during a phone call?), we also found a great sense of fulfillment in helping Sydnie with all of her marketing with this new venture. We developed a series of postcards, worked with Sydnie on the ephemera that she includes with her urns, and designed and developed a colorful and welcoming website to showcase her work—complete with a content management system to help her manage and showcase her inventory of unique pieces.