Blue Door Beads

More than a bead store. 

December 6, 2012

what i did

  • design
  • development
  • identity


  • content management system
  • ExpressionEngine CMS

Sara Mancini contacted us with a dream…to open a bead store where everyone would feel welcome to create jewelry and bead art, where people could take classes in jewelry making, where artists could rent studio space and display their work…a space where everyone can make + create.

Before she even had a storefront, we met to talk about her brand vision. I was so inspired by her creativity and enthusiasm that I must have presented at least 50 logo ideas at our initial design review, but the logo Sara chose was the one that I was inspired to rough out at the very last minute before we met…a simple, hand-lettered “blue door beads” with a little door. 

Sara found her space in Piedmont and was moving forward with her vision of making her new shop a visual treat to explore. She found old doors and typecases to use as tables and bead bins, an old chair for potted plants and a welcoming sidewalk display, upcycled furniture and fun sculptures and art. 

Meanwhile, I designed and built a new website that mirrored the shop’s aesthetic. Online, folks can meet the staff, explore what’s in store, sign up for classes, learn about hosting parties and special events, and more. 

Blue Door Beads is a beader’s paradise, in no small part to Sara’s energy and creativity. I’m proud to have helped her fulfill her vision and to continue to collaborate with her on new design ideas and to streamline class sign ups and content management.